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    Hello....I need a bit of help, plz!

    My puter's picked up the W32.Aplore@mm virus worm (exp/aplore), which Norton 2002 found (Norton anti-virus is fully updated)....was able to quarantine 2 of the 3 infected files but could not quarantine nor delete the exp/aplore.exe.....

    Can someone help me get rid of this, please??

    Thanks a bunch...C
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    Check the Symantec website they have a pretty complete data base on how to get rid of viruses. Just do a search on their website for the one you have. Good Luck
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    Assuming you know the path of the infected file, startup in safe mode (hit F8 as the pc is booting up, then select the option to start in safe mode) and then just find and delete the file.

    If that doesn't work, then look at this:

    If neither way will let you delete the file manually, I am out of ideas.
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    ya, what are the paths and filenames that are infected? if they are not important files, there are ways to delete them.