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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by agnihot3, May 8, 2002.

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    I was just now trying the XP Themes downloaded from this very website. Most of the themes have a file with extension msstyles and the readmes tell me to double click on them. When I do so, I am able to see the name in the list, but the preview is imperfect. The colour settings (in the preview) are not applied and the window (in the preview) is kind of faded out or rather, cut, as if a big black rectangle was superimposed on it. I think you can see it in the attached GIF. Can anyone advise on what to do? Thanks in advance.
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    Let me ask you this; have you installed StyleXP? If not you have to do that to get your theme "working". If you have, and your only problem is the preview, then try to put the theme in your C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes catlogue and use the theme selector (right-click desktop, themes) in XP to choose your theme. If that's not it, the theme itself could be corrupt, but it seems strange if this happens with all your themes.
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    Thanks andyp.
    Yes, I've installed Style XP. I'm thinking of reformatting my harddisk due to other reasons. Maybe when I reinstall it will be all right. Time will tell. Thanks again.