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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Derek Martins, May 19, 2002.

  1. Hi,
    I have an :
    Athalon xp 1800+ with 512 mb ddr ram
    MSI k7 t266 MOBO
    SCSI 20g System drive 10,00rpm
    40 g IBM 7200 hd
    40g W.D. 7200 hd
    40g Fireball Quantum 7200 hd
    32mb G-force Graphics
    RPC-1 VM-3100pro (8 in-8 out digital board soundcard)(psi slot)
    Random NIC card

    The system does not go on the is for a recording studio
    All resources go to audio.

    After I installed XP from scratch using Standard PC mode (to get better audio performance) XP ran ok for a day or two. Then after intense use (30+audio tracks w/ plugins) I keep getting a :
    Paging file is set too low or missing. Adjust settings in the ...blah blah....

    I adjust the settings and reboot.... same problem..
    There is plenty of space on the drive...9g..
    I set the paging file for its own 2 gig partition on another drive also,but alas still a problem...

    The Recording studio is my only income, I have been working on my computer 24/7 to get it working better.

    I keep reinstalling xp... it is getting annoying.. can anyone please help?

    When i set up standard mode, could the scsi h.d operator that XP chose for me be wrong? maybe i should try to use the drivers on the floppy?

    Is there anyway to create a blank/new paging file? I can't seem to find one on any drive (even after searching hidden files)

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    Which software do you use for your recording? Is it Steinberg based? I ask this because your problems ring a few bells, a freind of mine had a similar problem and it transpired that Cubase was the guilty party. We set the applications scratch disk to some enormous size and everything seemed ok!!

  3. Paging file steinberg

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I am using cubase 5.1...

    How did you fix this problem?

  4. Lonman

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    It sounds like Cubase isn't realeasing the memory it's using cleanly. The preferred solution would be to contact cubase through thier website linked here, describe your system specs and problem you're having and see if they have a fix for you. Another Temporary solution would be some kind of memory management utility that will monitor and free up your resources for you. I've never used one of these applications so I don't know which to suggest... maybe someone else can turn you on to a good one.
  5. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Sorry, I linked you to the German site in my previous post. Link to english site here. I notice they have a forum. Look around in there for similar issues/fixes. Good luck.