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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by efeezee, Jan 24, 2002.

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    I am having a problem on my system where my printer eventually will not work without a reboot (cant commnunicate with printer is the error I get), but I do not have this problem when other users are logged on. I am considering creating a new profile, moving all my personal files, and then deleting the default profile that appears to be corrupt. Feedback on possible alternatives, opinions on the process, and tips if I decide to venture this would be great. I have tons of small apps I use, and settings etc. I have found that the "EXPORT FILES & SETTINGS" wizard will also export whatever setting it is that is screwed up to begin with, so I will have to basically start fresh. Will this be HELL since my original profile is the Default/Admin? This is the only reason I ever have to reboot, and it is driving me CRAZY........ THANKS..........


    Printer: Lexmark X83 (3-in-1)

    System (less than 3 months old Dell)
    P4 1.9GhZ
    512 MB RDRAM
    WinXP Pro
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    Image of error attached...

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    ok this might seem an odd question, but did you buy your computer from QVC? and on to your problem, Lexmark has been having trouble with windows XP with some of it's printers i've heard, check lexmark for any possible driver updates...also if the X83 has a parallel port i'd recommend using it instead of usb
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    No, i didn't buy it on QVC :D


    I know this. They have only released on driver since XP was released, and don;t even have a knowledgebase or faq online. I have had dreams of simple parallel, but alas, that is not an option........ :confused:


    thx for the response, anyone got any other ideas?
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    shameless bump...

    any one with an opinion?