HELP with new case!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Leo, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Leo

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    Just bought an performance II series Antec case and i was wondering if i should know anything specific before beggining the installation. I have a Dell based computer and i have a pretty good knowledge of what im doing but this is the first time i do a case mod.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Ace123

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    cut straight..... Dont glue anything you dont mean to glue...... The window will crack if you crank the screws to hard.... dell motherboards suck Id get a new one. Lights look cool... but to many make a lamp.... If you see smoke coming from the computer its on should never have to WELD anything on to it....
    Lots of cooling.... panaflo if you can.... Ebay is a wonderful thing in the world of case mods... where do you think I got all my stuff hehehe..... NEVER.... NEVER.... try to ride a wheelie on your case..... and last but not least..... less can somtimes be more... thank you
  3. Tinker

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    Well I am wondering which one of the 3 Performance II series cases you have.

    What I always do is make sure to put all the screws in. I mean screws in the hardware that is, a floppy drive has 4 screws so put in 4 screws etc, etc.....

    Make sure to have good air flow through the case. I did a search for "Case air flow" on Google and found to many pages to list so you may want to check that out.

    Take caution in handling the components when transferring them from one case to the other. They are most at risk while you handle them. Static, dropping, partial dislodging the CPU, etc...

    :eek: :eek:

    Check all of your connections before starting and make a note as to where they go on the System board, HDD led, reset switch, speaker, USB header, etc. If you have a digital camera you may want to take pictures first, makes a good reference if needed......

    Good luck and have fun..... :happy:
  4. Leo

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    Ace123, i will won't glue anythinh hehe ! LOL
    Thanks for the help though ! I appreciated it!

    Tinker, its a SX1000II series. I pretty big compared to my mini tower from dell. I've got two fans blowing out of the case and now that i will be having more case space, im definety going to buy some kick ass cooling.
    I also appreciate the help. Thank you!

    Let the operation begin hehe !
  5. Nick M

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    Good Luck !
  6. Ace123

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    Im wreckless as all hell when I build computers.. I set the mobos down on the carpet.. throw the memory onto the couch... wear wool sweaters while working on them.. Man im horrible... never lost a mobo or a stick of memory yet. Im sure my carlessness will pay off the the oposite of a reward some day... but so far computer components seen like rocks these days
  7. Lithium

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    lol im the same way i heard back in the day you had to wear somthing on your wrist before you could work on them.....hmm might have been a myth.... oh well
  8. Zedric

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    Those Dell mobos can be tricky! Some Dell mobos have non-standard ATX power connectors. It's the same connector, it's just that the wires come in a different order. So, if you are using a new PSU I'd check twice before starting. Otherwise you could blow the mobo.
  9. thebull

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    Good call Zedric. I moved my dell out to a new case and always moved the PSU with it. If you are serious about moving up, i would upgrade the mobo, or you may be stuck with the dell psu. I also have heard of people frying the mobo due to the non-ATX power connectors.

    Dell makes nice puters, but they are made to upgrade to more dell and more dell and........................ :blink:
  10. [CpK]Bastid

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  11. Ace123

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    ive never seen anything like it in my life... WHOA... I might get one... and wear it for looks while I work on my computers.. customers will be like WHAT IS THAT!!! and Ill be like its to protect your computer equipment.... so they'll respect me more then
  12. Leo

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    It works !!!!!!!!!!
    The mobo is in but i had to play around with the connectors a little.
    The new case is great though. Plany of roon for all my colling pleasure hehe...
    I did wear the anti static wrist thing. That's one of the first things they told me at the store.
    thebull, i have plans to upgrade the mobo because im scared of frying it. There was a connector the wouldn't fit at first.

    Thanks for all the help everybody !
  13. Tinker

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    :happy: Great job Leo! Enjoy the new setup....... :happy:
  14. Leo

    Leo OSNN Addict

    Thanks tinker !
  15. Gary Pandher

    Gary Pandher Moderator

    mmm if it hasn't fried yet i dont think it will fry