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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Customade, Jul 7, 2008.

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    I have an NEC flat monitor I was using a 16 W direct current converter but it over heated I think I need an 18 W does anyone know what I should use. The monitor was given to me and it didnt come with the converter. Where can I get one and what should I use. Thank you Gord
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    The converter overheated? What model NEC is it? What brand and model is the converter? Need more specifics to even begin to try and help you.
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    You should be able to replace the DC converter by contacting NEC (not necessarily free unless it's under warranty). You might also find one on eBay. The converter should have a model # on it.
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    It's not the converter that originally came with the monitor. So it's model No. would be useless. He could do a Google search for a convert for NEC monitor model ######## and see what comes up. And as you said on eBay. But he needs to use the monitor's model No.

    Customade, try to get and OEM converter (an NEC converter). Some of the universal ones can be crappy and cause problems. Best to use an authentic NEC if it is within your budget.