help with litestep please!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kenjinn, Jul 1, 2002.

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    my problem is that when ever i extract my themes to the themes section it wont show up when i want to select it.
    im having trouble installing themes for litestep
    if someone could tell me where exactly i put themes?!

    please reply

    thnx, peace

  2. certain litestep distributions use different directory structures for their skinning elements - try and use ls distros and themes which use the same standard - i think OTS (or soething like that) is the most common one, which will guarentee you can use them together. sory i can't be more help, but litestep wasn't really for me when i tried it - if you get fed up with it, as i did, why not try geoshell, or, a bit more litestep-esque, sharpE, as your shell :)


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    Download this: Litestep Installer
    Next, if you want too, download this: Litestep Distro Patch

    After you install the Litestep Installer, all OTS themes will be installed, within the themes folder. You can install DISTRO themes also, but you have to copy a distro file to your themes folder.

    Read the readme files after installing the Litestep installer and the Distro patch. It will explain everything the will help you out. I don't have Litestep installed right now to provide the exact detail as to which file is the Distro patch file and which folder the themes will be installed. If you want, you can email me or icq me @ 163282618, and I can help you out more.
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    omg thnx for the help guys
    i really appreciate it