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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by LilBlueDawg, May 4, 2003.

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    Ok, this is my situation...

    I have a Compaq computer, and it didn't come with an XP install CD, instead, I have a partition on my hard drive, SYSTEM_SAV (D: ), which has an image of XP on it, and I have a Restore CD which is used to access the image. The (D: ) partition takes up about 7GB, and I would like to get that extra space back, but if I reformat it, I won't have the ability to reinstall XP again. My question is, if I use Norton Ghost or Drive Image to make an image of the (C: ) drive, will I be able to reformat and delete the (D: ) drive to gain that extra 7GB, and use that image to reinstall XP? Also, in the future, if i decide to install another OS like 2000, ME or Longhorn, will I still be able to go back and use that image to get XP back? Thanks in advance guys.
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    :( First, how did u get stuck with a Compaq? Just kidding. If you can afford the cost of Notron Ghost or drive image, why don't you but a second 20 or 40 GB HD as they only cost about $70?
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    Well I tried that on my brothers compaq He had a 12 gb and wanted to partion 2 gigs for an OS and the rest for data so we partioned it and then put in the system restore cd and set it back up to how it was. the Orginal 12gb So I would assume that if you got the image off your harddrive using ghost or some other software that as soon as you tried to restore it, it would remake that 7 gb partition and put the image right back on it.
    Just my experience with it. I would either build your own or get a better PC