Help with Champ Manager please....

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neo090282, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. neo090282

    neo090282 Guest

    I'm running champ manager in windows XP and its constantly crashing out to desktop, try allsorts ins vain to solve it. Most of the time I get no error message and every now and then I get a blue screen error message to do with a page fault???
    Anyone got any ideas about solving the problem??

    Also Constant error on xp start up, something to do with a minidump?? any ideas??

  2. Jimtoon

    Jimtoon Guest

    error message running CM

    I think I'm having the same problems, I keep getting the "this program has encountered a problem and will shut down" error, any Ideas ????
  3. andy_rose

    andy_rose Moderator

    hmm, u guys using the "legal" version?
    i dont, and it works just great here. never had any problems with it. which reminds me, i won absolutly everything i could win the first season with liverpool....:D :D ;)

    sorry i couldnt help u more on the subject....
  4. neo090282

    neo090282 Guest

    Yep the legal version, Ive previously took Rushden to the European Champions League final and won it!!!