Help.. Win2k/WinXP dual boot gone a rye

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KooLLaiD, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. KooLLaiD

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    I had my box dual booted with WIn2k Sp2 and WinXp when xp came out because I did not know if I would like it. well of course I loved it and have used it ever since, pretty much never booting into 2k. well without thinking I went ahead and pretty much whiped the partition that had 2k on it. today restarted and got error that it could not find NTLDR. I am thinking if I can edit the boot.ini(if indeed that is the file) I could get it running but am not sure.
    Any suggestions out there? someone said to try the Fixboot option on the cd.. I want to avoid a reinstall of xp as much as possible.

  2. westy1

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    Probably no help but NTLDR, is located in folder I386, on the XP disk.
  3. Dexter

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    This may help not sure but

    boot winxp from the cd, start the recovery console and type fixboot
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    "gone a rye"...:rolleyes: