help wierd voltage problem?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by canadian_divx, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. canadian_divx

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    i dont know what this means and i am unsure if it is bad and i am thinking it is my PSU but it started after i reformatted,

    i am still OC from 2.083ghz to 2.245ghz before i formatted i was at this and now i am at this and i changed nothing, i installed the winbound harware monitor which is more correct than other programs because there is a sensor chip on the board that i own to jsut get this info. but i just reinstalled it and i get the error, anyone got any ideas or is the program messed? or?

    anyone? is this harmfull to the chip???
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    Little bit confused here :p :)

    What is the voltage that is wrong ?

    And are you certain you picked the right sensor in the hardware monitor program ?
  3. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    oh my bad i forgot to add the pic

    and the sensor is correct because it is the same company that makes the chip, winbond makes a harware monitoring chip with the correct corrosponding program to that chip. but here is the pic

    its the one in the red

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    the year 2525
    what PSU do you have ?