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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lad_in_brum, Jan 25, 2004.

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    I was wondering if someone could do me an 'idiots guide' to setting up a web server.

    If you have bought a domain name how do you then point it to your pc etc etc.

    I'm using win XP it best to use the IIS or apache etc?
    I know people are going to say its best to use linux.....but im set-up with windows at the mo.

    You help help is apreciated, ive tried searching the web but i can find any 'idiots guides'.
  2. Johnny

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    All you would have to do is run IIS then. Then when you connect to it just use your IP, or if you want a domain name use a redirect, Dyndns is a good one to use (it's free also). If you have a router with dns redirect built in (like the netgear mr8140 then all you would have to do is set it up with dyndns then put the info into your router..

    Using linux or unix is the best option mostly because of the security of it. There is a prog phptriad that will give you all you need for windows also (it's free as well). But for a basic server and a start you could use windows.

    It's easier than you think ..