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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kirrie2001, Sep 29, 2002.

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    PLEASE, can anyone give me advice on how to re-assign a drive letter to a zip drive.

    It`s for a young friend of mine.

    This is his message to me.

    its the zip drive i want to change - it says u cant do it with removabe storage and anyways i tried doing it with the others and it didnt work - i mean for some reason XP decided that it wanted to assign the C: to my zip drive so by default all the programs look in that drive - its very annoying

    Thanks for any advice folks.
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    Guessing here>

    Remove the zip drive from the device manager.
    Turn the computer off & disconnect the zip drive from the computer case. Reboot & check your drive letters. If it is OK the next time you load the zip drive try & see what is going on when being loaded.
    The operating system should be 'C' but if it is installed to a different drive letter you might have to format & start again.

    That's all I got.