Help w/Msn worm???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sidefx, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. sidefx

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    My girlfriend's parents just got infected with one of the Bropia worms I think.

    However, when they try to open NAV or when I tried sending them the removal tool from Symantec it shuts down as soon as they try opening it.

    What is the problem, how can I get their pc fixed?
  2. try safe mode or safe mode with networking if you need a connection
  3. American Zombie

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    Try running Stinger as I have used that before when a virus is shutting down the Antivirus application.
  4. Mainframeguy

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    REMOVE the open hole which is a gaping security risk! AKA MSN ! It is embedded in OS and so if you do not extract it it give nasty hooks to any infection - /me hates it!
  5. NetRyder

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    Why not just inform them that accepting and running unknown files is generally a bad idea? This golden rule will not only prevent future infections through MSNM, but will help to keep them safe from email worms and other malware as well.

    Traffic accidents happen all the time. Do you tell your friends and relatives to scrap their cars and stop driving? No, you tell them to wear their seatbelts and to drive safely...
  6. Xie

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    See if an online AV will work .. something like housecall. Then tell them not to click on IM links from strangers. :)
  7. Kr0m

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    As seen in the comments section of the front page news item for these worms... anyone know if users of trillian/miranda are safe from this?
    We use MSN Messenger here at home, the gf and kid prefer it but I use Miranda, since news of these worms I renamed the msn messenger.exe so they can't use it (even though they know not to open links etc... but accidents will happen and they have a tonne of 'newbie' friends on their list). I've got them pi**ed at me now for disabling MSN messenger and setup Trillian for them since it does muli-user accounts with ease.
  8. sidefx

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    Does the worm copy itself?

    Can it not be deleted by manual deletion or does it need a removal tool such as the one offered through Symantec?

    Does the worm shut down AV amongst other programs? If so, can getting to an online virus scanner through IE be a problem?

    They are illiterate when it comes to pc's however they are learning. Unfortunately this worm was received from a friend which was also unaware.

    Apparently, they're saying it has many copies of itself, like you know how when you make copies of a file it says "Copy of..." something. To me, they are accidently copying the file if I am wrong please correct me.