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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by muzikool, Feb 15, 2002.

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    I had RoadRunner through Time Warner set up today and I'm having trouble getting both computers on. I am using a NetGear hub and each computer has WinXP... one with Home and one with Pro. I set up the Home Networking Wizard on each computer and only one (with Pro installed) can connect. Here are some things I've done and noticed:
    -the option i initially chose for the wizard was that the computer connects through a network hub. this didn't work so i said i connected through another computer or a residential gateway - this worked (for the Pro machine at least)
    -i disabled the internet connection firewall on each (I use NIS)
    -the IP address on the working machine is being assigned by DHCP, the other just says automatically configured
    -i've tried different ports, checked the cable, still nothing

    Can someone please give me some ideas on what to try next? I thought about getting a router, but I have friends that share RR through a hub on '98 machines and it works. I'd really appreciate any ideas... thanks!
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    Actually you dont even need the hub, you can do the same thing with two NICs in the primary computer. Basically you either need real IP addresses for each computer or use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). If you only have one real IP address you will need to have two NICs in primary computer. Your cable modem would be plugged into one of the NICs and then you would have a cable going from the second NIC to the hub (with only 2 computers you dont need the hub, you can just run the cable from the second NIC to the second computer). Then setup ICS to manage the internet connection. is a very good site that will tell you just about everything you would want to know about home networking.
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    jw50 is on the right track but if your modem is USB, you won't need the second NIC.

    What are the IP addresses for your LAN client and for the LAN side of your ICS server? Should be for the ICS server and 192.168.0.x (x a different number) for the LAN client.

    Don't know how your friends are doing this with a hub. You do need a valid live IP address for every computer access the Internet unless you are using ICS or some other kind of NAT.
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    If I use ICS, will I be able to take advantage of file and print sharing like I am currently doing with the hub? I would rather not lose that ability.
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    That's correct.

    Some ISPs do offer multiple IPs for the monthly fee. I would check your agreement.