Help required with F1 2001

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by franglais, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. franglais

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    Hi,I have just registered and already I am going to test you!

    I've just bought my son F1 2001(well that's my excuse)and when I try to install ..all I get is an error message......

    error extracting support files: The system cannot find the path.

    Now I have sucsessfully installed F1 manager from the same pack (different CD though)so that seems to tell me that my system is fine..XP home...AMD K6-III 500...650mb RAM..Nvidia TNT2 Pro..20 Gb HDD and LG CD-RW CED 8083B...Can any of you XP brains out there,give me any ideas?..Oh and Pcpitstop reports that my system is configured fine...Would I be right in thinking that the CD may be faulty?
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    you might try to copy the contents of the cd to the harddrive and install from there...then check in ini files and such for what path it is pointing to and correct it if perchance it is wrong..or you can re-direct it and rig it to work

    this has helped me a few times with games that refuse to install hope it helps you :)
  3. franglais

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    thankyou for your reply.It turned out that my OS had too many errors .I overlaid again...and hey presto!..the game went in and is working fine...XP is just too stable for its own good!