Help! PSU wont power up after BIOS update!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by aloozer, Jan 1, 2005.

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    Hi. I got a brand new Antec TruePower 480 watts PSU(power supply unit) just couple of days ago.
    Then I tried to update my motherboard's BIOs from the motherboard's manufacturer's website. After updating the bios, windows prompted me to restart the system, which I did. Then when it restarted, at the boot-up screen, it said "Error reading boot disk. Insert boot disk and press any key to continue."
    I didn't have a boot disk cos windows did not prompt me to create one, so what I did was that I switched off the system by pressing the power button once, and it immediately shut down. The reason why I shut down was cos I thought of clearing the CMOS by shorting the CMOS jumper, in the hope that I would be able to load up windows as per normal. Unfortunately, after I cleared the CMOS, the system still wouldnt boot up(with the new PSU). Fortunately, I had my old psu with me and i tried it and it booted up the system as per normal, no problems at all.

    I've already sent the new psu to the shop i bought from and they checked it and it booted up fine on their test system.

    Qn : Why would my old psu boot up and not my new psu? Is my new psu dead? How can it be dead when it can be used to boot up another system?

    FYI: i just checked on the motherboard website and my bios version has already been updated as the latest version.

    Pls help!!!
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    disconnect all hard-drives and reboot

    when you get to the bios screen, enter bios and see if there is a configuration re: boot drives you have to change...

    also check and see if your hdd works fine on another system... if not you have identified your problem... if it does then its likely simply a configuration problem...

    can you provide specs on the rest of the items you have ie. motherboard/cpu/pci devices and the like ?
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    I've already got my system up and running.

    What i'm worried now is when i do get BSODs in future, i wont know what to do.
    I've already updated all my drivers and bios(both mobo and gfx card's).
    Ive also run memtest for an hour or so and it didnt report any errors.
    Pls advise.