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    hey guys

    i have an intel celeron m 380 1.6ghtz processor
    installed in my laptop (equium L10-300) im thinking about upgrading the cpu because it's slow.. i have upgraded the Ram and HD so i feel this is the next step

    however there are a lot more factors to conside when buying a cpu

    im thinking of buying this cpu:

    its an Intel Pentium M Processor 760 2.00Ghz SL7SM
    i need to know if this processor could be installed without any problems . its FSB is 533 which means the clock needs to be 133 but my laptops FSB is 400 and clock is 100 at the minute.
    will the new cpu work in my laptop? am i understanding the busses correctly??
    there is no option to change the clock or multiplier in the bios and i doubt i would be able to change any jumpers on a laptop

    any help very much appreciated

    ps. i have tried to provide as much info as possible if you need anything else let me know