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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by M1ke, Aug 9, 2002.

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    well this is a question have any of you heard of a program called miya its a 3d animating program as im told
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    and what's with it ?
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    It is perhaps the most comprehensive 3D software available. Used in Lucas Studios for such films as Episode I and other films including The Mask. Also, used by top forensic teams to build on the skull remains of unidentified persons. Be prepared to shell-out +$2000.00 for the complete edition of Maya. (It's on the top of my wish list).

    This is where you want to use Dual Xenons and a quality CRT.
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    yes my bad its maya im getting it right now need to trade it for a map hack for warcraft 3 thanks people kept looking for miya lol
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    Well aliaswavefront had a deal going were u could download a personnal learning edition of Maya for free does everything the $2000.00+ for the complete edition would do but u could not import the files from the free version in to retail version and the other as well. If they still have the free personnal learning version up for download I hope u got a fast connection cause I think it would like 5+ hours on a 56k modem
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    yes thx

    i have dsl i download at 1.4-1.5mb a second thanks guys