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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bob whitfield, May 11, 2002.

  1. I have 2 drives , one is only for xp
    this crashed and I had to reinstall it. no problems there.

    now every time I load a program to the other drive that is time or date coded it states I am out of time on the fist try.

    the date was incorret when I installed xp and it would not let me change it until i fully installed it .
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    Normally XP gets its time from the bios when you install it so just hit "del" (for Arward Bios) when booting and see if the time is set properly there, if not correct it and windows should install with the correct date and time.

    If the programs are still not working than you have no e.g. 30 day evaluations but e.g. January-April evaluation versions which won't work after a certain date no matter how long you used them already.

  3. thanks

    I dont get it as the programs are from the web sites and currect so I thought , did not have this problem before .
    will look in the bios.

    the clock at the bottom of the page in now correct.
    as I stated it was last year when I loaded in the program and would not charge.

    The service guys just told me they fitted a new bios to the computer and this was the first install. whould that have any effect as the bios was obviously a old one