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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by xenon1, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. xenon1

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    help on 3 items would be appreciated.

    1: how can I get rid of netmeeting and other usless parts of xp?

    2 : twice now xp has crashed , shut down ok then will not boot just goes in a circle . does not even load up the front page
    f8 is usless no safe mode or resore works?

    3 I have 2 drives installed one to hold xp the other my stuff

    since this last insatall of xp I cant get any cd program to load into the D drive . is wants tp go into c drive.
    explorer looks at d and files can be read and run .
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    I don't know what system you have, or how old your hardware is. But I can tell you this. If your installing xp on an older pc or your using older hardware like cd rom, video cards etc... You will always have problems. Xp does not like old stuff! Example: I have an isa modem. Thought i would see if it would work with xp, it's only a year old. As soon as I put it in started messing up and did not quit until I jerked that isa modem out. Also if you have any drivers that are not xp aproved, that causes problems. Does it do this before you install any other program or driver? You might try disabling your API in bios. Sometimes that will cause problems. Hope this helps. ikester
  3. Tiny Turtle

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    Why so categorical? Let's just say that it might cause problems. My PIII-450 with an 8 MB Matrox G200 vid card should be considered quite old but has yet to cause any problems (knock on wood).

    Also, an one-year-old ISA modem? Have you got a mainboard not older than that with a ISA port too?

    As for the original question: Sorry, Xenon. No idea right now, will keep looking though.
  4. ikester7579

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    I have an Aazza board kt3-av with via chips. 1.4 gig Athalon with 266 fsb. it has 1 isa and 1 agp and several pci slots. The board is a year old. The isa modem is a sound blaster and the xp system will not even work with it. Besides I was not asking a question I was relating an example to the one who started this thread.
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    Do you have the latest drivers?
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    Go into control panel/select system/device manager/open the computer icon/right click on the ACPI/select update driver/select advanced install click next/select don't search click next/now select standard pc click next and reboot. Make sure to make a restore point before doing this. Just in case this does not work. Some drivers that should be installed for your pc to work properly won't when ACPI is installed. Only in rare cases. But it sounds like you may have this rare case. Sorry about the earlier thread i was answering another thread and some how got them mixed up. guess thats what i get for answering stuff half asleep lol. Well hope this helps. ikester
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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec
    XP on a 400mhz IBM Aptiva it had 64mb ram and this puter is all dated from 1999 ...... now just to say that you pop in XP pro and do the compatibilty test and says NO PROBLEMS and it was as easy as 123 ok since then the puter got everything changed loads of ram, a video card, a cd burner, two new hard drives, a sound card, and it never had any real problems at all with XP pro so that above statment about XP dont like old stuff? ......... whatever..................