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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ignition, Nov 8, 2003.

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    Help PLEASE

    Hey, I'm trying to fix my friends computer. A Dell Dimension XS(i think) with 733mhz cpu. We were going to install Windows 2000 pro, and his new adsl broadband connection on his computer. The install and all went fine. Then he put in his new 3Com EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI For Complete PC Management NIC, and we went on windows update and updated his browser to latest version; IE 6 SP1... When we restarted the comp and were gonna load internet explorer the first page loaded up just fine, and the 2nd one... But after a while the connection became awfully slow and at last it wouldn't work. At least not with Internet Explorer. MSN Messenger works just for fine him. Infact im chatting with him right now. So what is there to do now? I tried switching places on the pci cards in the computer, but that didnt work that well. I also tried uninstalling IE 6 and reinstalling IE 5... Didn't work much better...

    I'm thankful for any help :(

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    Are you using the same DSL service provider? If so is your speed ok? Sometimes the ISPs have technical difficulties (that can last for weeks).

    Did you put up a firewall and anti virus program. It's unlikely he'd get infected that fast but worth checking.

    Is the NIC card/modem LEDs flashing fast and often when he isn't doing any transfers. That's an indication something/someone is using his connection (other than him).

    Were you doing file transfers in the background while surfing. If you have a big file coming in from a fast site it will bog down the surfing. If you have ANYTHING uploading while surfing it will choke ADSL to death. Remember ADSl is onyl 2-4 times faster than dial up on uploads. (I feel your pain, I have ADSL.)
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    Thanks for the help. We phoned his isp and asked what was going on...They said that they had some technical difficulties, and that they're working on it right now :).