Help!!!Partition table lost!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by view, Feb 28, 2003.

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    I've tried ndd and diskgen but failed.
    Table is not backed.
    I ghosted xp in my cdrom.
    I guess partition information may be
    included in the os.
    How can I extracted it and restore it.
    Thx very much.
  2. syn

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    partition info is not included in O/S, if its not there, its gone, you either have to use fdisk or partition magic to either reallocate the space that was once that partition or create a new one. but all your info on that partition is probably gone. your ghosted image should have went on your primary drive, the other partitions would not have been affected.
  3. jroc

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    If you only lost the partition that you backup'd on the Ghost Image..then restoring the Image..will fix your partition table...but just for that partition...if you had a logical partition..and its gone..then its gone...for example..I have a Maxtor 40g as my Main C other partitions...just the one..and I backup my C with ghost...comes to about 3.0g of backup...I can format my drive...then restore the Ghost Image...Ghost well repartition the Drive/Table..and restore the software and OS.
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    In case any one wasnt aware , Acronis Recovery Expert will recover all lost partitions, regardless if they are Primary or not.
    Its not free, but $19.99.