HELP - OFFICE XP - I`ve been careless

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bernie, Jul 20, 2002.

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    :oops: I deleted all my `.bak` files amongst which was - C:\Documents & Settings\User\My Documents\My Recieved Files\Files\PFiles\MS\OFFICE\Data\DATA.BAK, now when I try to load any Office application I get the message that this file is misssing (error Code 1309) - and that I must run Setup to intall this application.
    I have a back up (from yesterday) of My Documents but this file is not there!!!! and I do not know how to run "Setup to intall this application"
    Any idea`s - anyone
    I use Office in my business, so everything has `ground to a halt`!!!!
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    Ok Bernie seeing as no-one else has helped out, you must have the office CD lying around somewhere rite?

    run that, it will come up with some options one should say "Repair" hit that see if it fixes it, if not then try again but this time press uninstall then re-install again.

    That should clear it up,

    Adam :D