Help Needed (Comp random shutdown)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by colinm1, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Have a problem with comp shutting randomly shutting down for no reason

    When I reboot I get message " OVerclocking Failed" please press F1 to enter Bios, press f2 to reset bios to default".

    I have never overclocked my PC so do not understand this, has happened 3 times in last 24 hours.

    No new software has been installed and the only hard ware change was an upgrade pf my PSU to 500W about 2 months ago.

    Have never seen this message before and am stumped, would really appreciate any help or advice.

    My specs are:

    Pentium 4 - 3.2 Ghz
    Asus P4P800Deluxe mobo
    1Gb dual channel Ram
    500W Antec PSU
    Nvidia FX5900XT Graphics
    80Gb IBM Deskstar 7200
    60Gb Maxtor Diamond 7200
    Audigy 2 Soundcard
    Toshiba 16x DVD Rom
    Pioneer 110d 16x DVD Writer
    Samsung Syncmaster 970P 19" TFT

    Windows XP Professional +SP2

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    I think ASUS has a smart overclocking utitlity that will push the CPU speed automatically if CPU utilization is at max. Turn it off. It will be under advanced settings in the Bios.

    Someone else with an ASUS board was having the same problem just this week. The setting may be turned on in the bios defaults.

    As for why it just showed up. The weather is warming up which means CPUs are also.
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  3. colinm1

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    NE UK
    Thanks for the prompt reply, will give it a try, your help very much appreciated.