Help needed about NTFS encryption

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kerijam, Jan 21, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    I have recently reinstalled windows XP after a thorough format. I doing so, I forgot that on the other partition, I had an NTFS encrypted folder (only one). Now Windows xp does not give me access to these files sayiing "access denied". I cannot copy or do anything with this folder and i need to access these files urgently. Some one advised me to move the folder to another drive with FAT32 formatting but i cannot move these files.

    i was told that there are software out there that can get NTFS info back even when files are deleted. is there any software that can help me decrypt this folder without any policies or setup. i am still the administrator but now I have no rights to this folder.

    Can anyone help please.

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    I don't know of any software, but I had the following problem (the fix may help you).

    I recently did a format and reinstall of XP Pro using NTFS (the partitions were FAT32). I found that if I moved or copied a file to a new directory, I could not access it (couldn't open it with an application, couldn't rename or delete it).

    I went into the Windows Explorer folder options and unchecked "Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)". I then:
    - right-clicked the file(s) I had trouble with
    - selected Proiperties
    - selected the Security tab
    - give myself (the account I logged in with) full authority (even though I only have one account defined and it is the Administrator account).

    I hope this helps.
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    Check this out....

    **NTFS reader..**

    You will have to boot into DOS either using Win98 boot or make a DOS boot from XP. Once you are into DOS just run the program from a floppy.......
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    First, welcome to the forum kerijam:D

    Second, I hate to says this but I think your pretty well screwed:( , I've seen other threads on this topic and as far as I have seen no one has been able to regain access to their encypted files. If it were easy to crack the encryption on the files it would be worth much as a security feature.
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    I found a way when my computer totally crashed when I was trying to update XP to XP SP1 and I didn't wanted to remove some stuff, so I took it over to a friends out who also has XP (with NTFS) and plug it in, and I couldn't get access to some files/folders (do to "secearty reasons") so I called Microsoft and told me a good way of doing so... boot into Windows using Safe Mode and right clicking on the file/folder, choose shareing or something like that, do this and that, I can't remember -_-' maybe it'll come back to me sooner or later.