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    Help my girlfirned was using my comp and accidentally instaled some program from a web site called Xupiter. SHe also clicked ALWAYS TRUST THIS WEB SITE.

    How do i get this program off my computer?

    I deleted every file but 1 file left wont let me delete it saying " I DONT HAVE PERMISSION OR THIS PROGRAM MAY BE WRITE PROTECTED AND COULD BE IN USE"

    Im logged in as the ADMIN on XP and it wont let me erase this.

    Thank you so mcuh for the help.

    I tried AD AWARE but it dont detect this program.

    The last file is called


    Thank you SO SO MUCH!
  2. PseudoKiller

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    Try booting into XP under safe mode and check add/remove programs and try to uninstall it that way...
  3. SPeedY_B

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    yes, I think booting in safe mode should allow you to delete the file.. you may still need to open the file's properties and make some changes to delete it.. also, I recommend getting Registry Cleaner to make sure all registry entries for the file are removed..
  5. Trinity

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    You hopefully can remove the cerificate it installed by going to tools, Internet Options, Content, and Certificates.
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    I did the same thing yesterday morning and couldn't get rid of the damn thing......Ended up using System Restore to remove it :huh:
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    Usually when you try to delete a file such as that after you have uninstalled or deleted it's parent proggy and it says, "being used by xxx program" or something to that effect. You have to shut down and reboot and then it lets you delete it. In essence the system has released the file on the reboot.

    BTW... Don't let yer girlfreind use yer computer any more. :p