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  1. hello ppl. cud some one please help me, i av jus purchased a cd-writer, an it came with nero 5 burnin software, yet the cd writer is installed ok an workin an readin cds etc, yet when i come to copy a cd it wont?? it works perfectly fine on win98, but its on winxp im avin the trouble on, it says somert about communication error, then something about failed to copy cd start at once, or somethin similar?? please if some one could help me wud be great,

    thanx in advance
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    1, i would check for an update.
    2, check the drives & hard drive for DMA mode
    3, (i dunno :s)
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    There is no need to post the same question multiple times. Post a question and wait for an answer. This question has already been posted by you in another thread.
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