HELP!!! Loading Windows XP error!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DNA of FLASH, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. DNA of FLASH

    DNA of FLASH Guest

    Well... I've been installing some new hardware (DVD-ROM) (after succesfully installing Win XP) and while it was detecting it it, the windows just stopped responding and then after a while I've restarted a computer (thinking it is just a little freeze )

    the start up went just as usual but the windows XP start-up logo never showed up - instead just a blank black screen, and then it told me (really smart) that windows xp cannot start because the following file is corrupted or missing - hal.dll , please obtain the copy of it.

    I've tryed enything I could, (safe mode, etc. nothing works)

  2. DNA of FLASH

    DNA of FLASH Guest

    ok, i've found the file but don't know the way to put it in the \system32\ folder...
  3. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    Pop this one in you sytem directory overwriting the last if asked