help, it takes the computer 10 minutes to load

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PlagueWielder, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Hey
    My brother's computer has gone crazy lately. After he logs on all the icons are on the desktop but I cant do anything for about 10 minutes.
    I got AdAware 6 and removed the 200+ spyware crap (he has Kazaa not kazaa lite, i mesh, and the list goes on forever). Checked for viruses. Did all that stuff.

    Anyway, any ideas why it takes so long for it to load?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Kush

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    run boot vis

    just run bootvis that should help a bit
  3. I dont think its that sort of problem, I think some program makes the computer hang at boot but Ill give it a try.

    I also cleared msconfig's startup tab and left only NAV and the usuall things that windows needs.

    Any other ideas?
  4. Indomidable

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    OK, right click on my computer -> propertys -> advanced properties -> Preformance Options
    Change your swap file(Page File/Virtual Memory) to 0

    then click ok then it will ask to reboot.

    Do process again this time setting it on system settings.

    then click ok then click ok to reboot.

    Also could mean you need to run Scan Disk.
  5. tried to defragment it but it froze in the middle.

    Can u please explain what u said about the swap file again cause i didnt understand it?

  6. Indomidable

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    Edited my first one!
    Heading home from work now so I hope that helps!

    If scandisk fails then you may have a Memory problem or a HDD problem. (Hope it's memory, HDD's are much more expensive)

    Try an online Virus Checker too.
    like MacAffes', Norton, etc.
  7. ok, thanks, ill give that a try and let u know how it went.
  8. djchapple

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    There seems to be a problem with XP. Occasionally, about once every 3 or 4 weeks my XP Home starts to go slow. Everything takes ages to load. CTRL/ALT/Del shows that Explorer is hogging around 100% of the CPU. There are (possible) fixes on the MS website but they have not cured my recurring problem. I use the XP CDROM to repair the OS and then spend hours using Windows Update.

    If anyone can offer an explanation pleas let me know.
  9. toxicity

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    lol, one word.

    after a clean install, i was getting like 10sec boottime. heh. doesnt hurt to format, just back up what you need. kazaa and all that stuff can be re-downloaded.
  10. Im going to format only if I cant fix it so basically format is out of the question for now.
  11. 2z

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    it could be norton causing the problem

    try uninstalling NAV then goto services & disable it > if its still there : see if that makes a difference

    has he got his apps installed on the boot drive ??

    if XP has to look at another drive on startup it can slow down tremendously

    is the PC hooked up to a LAN
    if not try disabling workstation in services

    if you must do a repair install try doing it with a slipstreamed bootable XP-SP1 CD > then you dont have too many updates to replace


    interesting theory > really cant see how it would help > XP is paging OS > XP will page disk with or without a pagefile only slower

  12. djchapple

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    I accept that a clean install removes the problem but it can stop the problem returning. What we need to know is what is causing it, not how to temporarily remove it.
  13. Tearz

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    Any chance the machine has a rogue DNS server allocated to it at all?

    If it is set to automatically pick-up a DNS server and there is not one i think it can take aggesss to look for one :)

    not much chance of it being this but I have seen it before :)

    also have you checked the event log to see if its popping up W32time errors? if so try to disable the Windows Time Service

    I had this just the other week on my home machine, was watiing for about 3-4 mins after boot whilst my machine tried to synch with a time server :-S
  14. thanks TwoZigzagColt45, I uninstalled reinstalled nav and now its much better, I also freed some space on the HD since he only had about 3 Gigs left.