Help i need XP AND LINUX

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by Dexter, May 9, 2002.

  1. Dexter

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    Hi !

    I have xp and win2k now but son im going to reinstall xp and install linux mandrake.

    im installing linux first but how do i configure the xp boot.ini file so
    it findes linux or will it do that automatikly(sorry for the spelling)

    can anyone help me

  2. open_source

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    You have to install XP first.
  3. Dexter

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  4. open_source

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    You need a DOS boot partition and windows OS's have to be installed before non-windows OS's
  5. Zedric

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    And the Linux boot manager (LILO or GRUB) can recognize a Windows boot partition whereas WinXP's boot manager probably won't confess to knowing or cooperating with a Linux partition.
  6. riscy

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    dual boot

    As said earlier you have to have XP installed first and your partitions set up.

    When you have installed Linux after XP (I have Redhat), you will get a screen asking which OS to boot into - Linux by default, but you can choose Windoze if you prefer.
  7. gothic

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    Yes, you have to have XP installed first, but you may consider installing a boot loader, such as "Powerquest Bootmagic" or "System Commander". I've been tri-booting (XP/98/Linux Mandrake) for a number of years now and find life far easier using a boot manager. They would have to be installed from XP but automatically pick up any other operating system that is installed. When you install Mandrake, make sure you ask it to install it's Lilo bootloader on the Linux /boot partition, and NOT the MBR otherwise you will lose XP's loader.

    Confused?? e-mail me for more information.