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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by G-Money, Apr 5, 2002.

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    Still need help on how to make the shortcut Icons on my desktop, blank.... no text... to look..

    Also... how do you change the start button... I have seen the name changed and also a icon in its place......... How do you do that ???????????

    Thanks ...

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    To get rid of the text underneath the icons:

    1. click to rename them (or right click > rename), so the type cursor comes up.
    2. hold ALT and type 0160 then let go of ALT.

    I believe that's as close as you can get without using other software.
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    Just wondering where you got that sweet desktop...i like the clock in the center and the calander and the weather....did the icons come from an apple theme for xp?
  5. here's an article that explains what you need to do to change the start button text. To change the lil windows icon to something else, follow the steps in the article, but before saving, change Bitmap 143. You'll need to have a 20x20 bitmap saved and ready to use before-hand. Just click on Bitmap 143, then go to Action > Replace Bitmap. Then save, and follow the rest of the article.

    click here to see a shot of my start button