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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zoloft5, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. zoloft5

    zoloft5 Guest

    ok here's my story.

    I got a bunch of internet shortcuts... and i changed the icon of the shortcut to my z://icons/UNKNOWNNAME.ICO

    but then my z drive crashed so i reformated it... now all my internet shortcut icons are blank. I can't find what I called that UNKNOWNNAME.ICO file for the life of me

    it's not in the Desktop.ini file where it is for when i change the icon of a folder....

    it's somewhere though.. but where? thanks
  2. zoloft5

    zoloft5 Guest

    and if i knew the name of what i called the ico file...

    then i could just put the icon there and all my 1000 or so internet shortcuts that i pointed to that very icon file would reappear
  3. XP Abuser

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    go control panel then folder types then file types look for internet shortcut and fiddle with the settings cant b bothered to type detailed s*it im too tired:eek:
  4. zoloft5

    zoloft5 Guest

    umm, ya, i just looked into that...

    that's 4 the default icon file of all internet shortcut icons

    but I changed 1000 "certain" icons these shortcut icons i changed were the ones in my movies folders that pointed to imdb database....

    i don't want to change allllllllllll the internet shortcut icons to the wierd looking imdb favicon.ico just the 1000 shortcuts that point to the imdb site
  5. zoloft5

    zoloft5 Guest

    what your telling me to do is just change every internet shortcut to a certain icon..

    that's not what i'm doin...

    4 example..... drag the address of a certain url to your desktop ... and then change the icon

    well=- that change only effects to that certain url shortcut.. not every single url on your entire system

    now..... when u changed that url icon to the new one... now go and delete the icon you pointed it to. the icon will now show up as blank-

    well I did 1000 of them - all pointed to the imdb favicon.ico file that I renamed and saved to a folder on my z drive.

    when my z drive crashed.. well all 1000 of my time consuming icon changed now are showing up as blanks:(

    and I can't seem to know what i called the ico...and it aint in the desktop.ini file like the folder icon changed i've done