Help cant connect to Google or yahoo

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by homesick1337, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. homesick1337

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    Ok wierd problem earlier today while browsing i got disconected from yahoo and google. I tried pinging 0 response. I uninstalled my IOLO system mechanic firewall , made sure windows was turned off etc. I still couldnt connect to either web site.

    I then decided to format my PC after a night full of headaches. Still with a fresh boot and install I type in google or yahoo and try to ping both and still no luck.

    Anyone got any luck what could be the problem?
  2. Maroon

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    check out your network settings. And did you make a clean install or you just install windows over the old installation?
  3. mlakrid

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    He stated that he formatted and then installed..

    How exactly are you pinging the sites?

    If you can get to other sites you may have accidentally blocked one or both of those sites...

    My advice:
    START/RUN/cmd (enter)
    NSLOOKUP (enter)

    Use IP(s) listed and ping the IP NOT the webname

    If that works highlight the IP and put that in your search bar... presto you are on the site.

    If it does NOT work it is definately one of two issues:
    Security block

    Think backto when this first happened and ask yourself if you installed ANYTHING new...

    Get back to us and we can help you some more.

    Mike A!
  4. homesick1337

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    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Sorry for the extremely late reply. The problem turned out to be my ISP's dns server was down which was causing all these problems.

    Thank you to everyone that tried to help. I appreciate it greatly.