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Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by chaos945, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. chaos945

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    I keep getting this error in my browser, how do I fix it?!

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  2. Lee

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    Any chance of removing the swear word? If I aint allowed to swear then I think no-else should be able to! I can get the homepage also.
  3. X-Istence

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  4. Lee

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    Maybe you should should use your noodle, quit smoking crack cocaine and read up on the word 'sarcasm'. Ohh yes I am not into fairy tales like the Bible or a long haired yehudi who came to save you all from your so called sins.

    Seems like a good idea actually now you have mentioned it. You stick to to poking your middle figure in your rectum, it suits you, 'Mary-Queen'.
  5. Xie

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    NY, USA
    hehe nice custom 404 .. so seems your reaching the site just won't load for you. I just tried it and loads fine. Perhaps try again?