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  1. TR!GG3R

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    juss installed nis 2003 and nav 2003pro and now i got a prob :( heres a screenie to show wots wrong its highlighted too soo any 1 know how to fix it ??
  2. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    wot no 1 has a clue wots gone wrong here ?
  3. dabomb

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    all that option does is scan the selected file to scan for any files that may be encrypted within the file, i get the same option up when i right click on any file on my computer
  4. damnyank

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    I don't have a clue - but it is strange that you would get two (2) "scan with Norton's antivirus " options in the same drop down menu. Ya got me confused now - I'll be watching this thread closely!:confused: :confused:

    Well after looking at it again - does the hilghighted one have something to do with winrar only? -- As in scan the winrar file for virus - like before it is uncompressed? Forget - I think I am still confused!
  5. allan

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    What specifically is the problem you are trying to address?
  6. XP Abuser

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    i go that too with nav and also with winzip i think its cuz i messed about with it i think (its Ok everybody) that its something to do with the registry referring to them twice mistakedly
  7. TR!GG3R

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    okay so i think XP Abuser is on to it but any 1 know how to fix it ?
  8. yoyo

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    Did you really install Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus? NAV is part of NIS. Don't know if it is possible at all, but have you perhaps installed Norton Antivirus two times?
  9. TR!GG3R

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    aint installed it twice the 1 with nis is normal the 1 i installed was pro :)