HDD DIED and thenwas reborn

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by canadian_divx, Jul 8, 2002.

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    ok i was playing a game and i wanted some music so i opened up my play center and it froze the system wjen it tryed to access my mp3 list. so i restarted adn i noticed that the HDD with the mp3's and everything that is not a program had disapered. i restarted and it did not detect one in the boot up so i freaked and made sure that all of a cableing was ok and it was so i restarted it agian and it was back. i would like to know if anyone knows why this might have happened and if so how to stop it from ever happeneing agian, and if it is a problem with the HDD it windows

    the HDD is a 40 gb samsung 5400 rpm

    about 1 year old
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    Creative Play-Center?

    That's the problem right there...unless you have a Creative Nomad Jukebox, don't use it, it's not worth the pain, Winamp is much better and alot more universal, get winamp...

    I'm not sure about this, but yeah, rebooting fixes alot of stuff...

    You can fix alot more things by leaving the computer off for a few too, it's just once of those things...someone here might know, but that's my best guesses :D
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    It was just a loose connection......a loose connection can cause alot of weird thing to happen. I have had that happen to me before to so dont worry about it....its not a big deal! and it could of had to do with the player to......I like winamp as well....very easy to use :cool:
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    yep..winamp rox...playcenter always has problems...if it wasn't deleting ur media library its BSOD'ing or locking up etc lol
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    ok thanks people

    winamp is going to be a new friend