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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DragonHeart, Feb 22, 2004.

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    Hope someone can help my Hard Disk was working fine until last night, then this morning it show at boot, Primary Hard Disk Faild and it bios settings its not being recongnized....... its an old HD soo has it given up the ghost ?

    Is thier any software on anyway i can get some files off this HD ? as i had some family pics that i didnt back up ( i allways was gonna get round to it lol) but never did ? anything i can try ??? i have another pc i can hook it up too but not sure how to go about trying to resuce files from a dead HD.

    Thx in advance for any help................
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    try putting it in the other pc as a slave disk, if that doesnt work, then it is just a dead drive and you sol
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    First. Open the case and reseat all the cable connectors at both ends. Then try booting again. During boot enter bios setup to make sure the bios is set to auto detect the drive.

    Reboot - If the drive comes up back up what you need immediately.

    If that doesn't work: Try to Boot off the diagnostics floppy for the drive or a DOS floppy. (You can download them from the manufacturers web site for the HD and Windows Dos boot disk images are available on the web.) Note the latest HD boot disk may not work for an older HD so look for an older boot floppy to match. I think I still have some of the older WD ones lying around. If you can see the drive data under DOS you can back it up.

    Data can be removed from dead HD as long as the platters aren't trashed. But we're taking $$$. Couple hundred last I heard and they usualy don't guarantee results.
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    I've had some similar hard drive problems recently and my only option to recover the files was to send them to a data recovery service. I called and explained the problem and asked for a price quote. I had a 100gb drive and a 120gb drive. The price they quoted was "anywhere from $250-$3,500 per drive." As someone else said, for all that money they don't even garauntee results.

    I've given up and just sent the disks back on their warranty. Sorry to hear about your loss. I guess it sucks to be us.
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    http://www.downseek.com/download/25390.asp NTFS

    http://www.downseek.com/download/25389.asp FAT

    try that...

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