HD free space is incorrect

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dstonek, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. dstonek

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    HD free space does not match with the real free space.
    Norton Util. 2002 did not fix it.
    55Gb (bios detected as it is).
    Under HD utils a defrag analysis shows a contradiction: 0% free space (322Mb)(text) but a large (25Gb+ white graphic zone of free space).
    There is a photo for illustration: Translation "Espacio Libre"="Free space".
    Thank you
  2. AmarSingh

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    this might not help, but your drive is very fragmented...try defragging it and see what happens
  3. dstonek

    dstonek Guest


    I´ve done it yesterday but nothing changed. I also ran speed disk from Norton.
  4. foreman

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    I don't know if this would help, but view it with partition magic and see what it looks like.
  5. AmarSingh

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    try typing "chkdsk /f" at the command prompt and answer yes if it asks you if you want to run it the next time windows restarts and then restart your computer
  6. dstonek

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    Just for looking the Partition Magic 7 interfase I opened it before the problem and it was all right. I did not performed any changes.
    HD with 25Gb+ free. But now it shows D: almost full
  7. dstonek

    dstonek Guest



    chkdsk d: /f
    "Fat 32...chkdsk cannot be performed because the volume is used by another task. Chkdsk may be used if you previously unmount the volume" "Do you want to unmount the volume y/n"
    (sorry my poor translation Spanish->English

    Should I unmount the volume?
  8. AmarSingh

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    not sure....try this...go to my computer and right click on the drive with the problem and click properties. Then click the tools tab and click the check now button. put a check mark in the first option and click ok. if it asks you to schedule a check for the next time u restart click yes and restart
  9. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    Have you got a 98 boot disk handy ? Try running scandisk from that.
  10. WAZ

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    Go to your Recycle Bin, right-click it, and choose "Empty Norton Protected Files".

    If you've deleted many files in the past week or two (depending on what your Norton purge time is set to), you may have a few hundred MB or more of crap you've deleted, but which never really got deleted from your HD since Norton is "protecting" it.

    I wiped a ton of programs off my HD recently, including Unreal Tournament, which -- with all the maps and mods and all I had installed -- had totalled about 1.3 GB. But when I deleted the leftover map and mod folders after uninstallation, it said I had only gained about 500 MB. My Recycle Bin appeared empty... but it turns out Norton was protecting all those files I thought I had deleted, so my free space looked way off. Once I emptied the Norton protected files, they were officially wiped from my HD, and my missing 800 MB reappeared.

    Now, I've disabled Norton 2002's recycle bin protecting feature altogether... but if you want to keep it, I just recommend emptying it every couple days (at the very least) or setting it to empty itself on a more frequent basis. That way you keep potentially hundreds of megabytes of junk from building up in there when you want them deleted.

    Hope this helps.
  11. dstonek

    dstonek Guest

    Thank you all!

    AmarSingh: all done, sky blue screen, no problems found.

    Byte back: I followed your suggestion...see item2)

    WAZ: My Norton Trash is empty. Two days ago, suddenly, the HD size was reduced a half.
    You are right, I also empty the Norton recyle bin oftenly.

    Here it is what I have done this evening:

    1)I´ve tried to boot from 6 floppies (from the Microsoft site) but in the last I got an error(spanish) "verify disk space...look for BIOS upgrades...disable memory options like cache or guard...)(photo err3881.jpg)

    2)Boot from a W98 floppy and D: was not recognized (FAT32). I ran fdisk and the same thing (photo err3882.jpg)

    3)The BIOS info is in photos err3883.jpg and err3884.jpg

  12. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    this wont help you with your current problem, but u should really put both hard drives on the same ribbon, and both cdroms on the same ribbon. (performance issue)
  13. dstonek

    dstonek Guest

    Yes, of course. I had the four devices as you say but I had problems with the jumpers in slave mode (HD 60GB), so the BIOS recognized the unit as a 32GB one, but I can work on it.
  14. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    try setting the jumper to cs (cable select)
  15. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    You said D wasn;t recongnised under a windows 98 boot disk. If your C drive is NTFS then it wont be recognised by the 98 boot disk and so D would become C ( i think :D ) To me this sound like what used to happen under 98 when if you shut down badly or crashed, and then didn't allow scandisk to run the drive would show the incorrect of free space.
  16. dstonek

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    AmarSingh: I will try it.

    Bytes Back: I don´t know what happened. What do you suggest?

    I think it is possible that the drive could be working like a 32Gb BIOS drive for a while. I don´t remember because I was in trouble with the HD jumpers. (there are two sets of jumpers settings)

    At this point I suppose I will have to reformat the drive. A miss.

    The drive is a Samsung SV6004H. There is a driver program in a bootable floppy with some options (one of them allows some old BIOS recognize >32GB HDs). But I´m affraid to perform any of these options I don´t understand very well.
    It is far away an XP issue.

    By the way I have Partition Magic 7. What do you suggest for having a small partition with W98? Both disks FAT32, NTFS? One and one?