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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AlphA_ExT, May 22, 2002.

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    This is a recent problem. I can't install some stuff. I think it is specifically one installer which I can't install from. It just stops on zero percent done and doesn't do anything until it has to be closed. Just tried installing The sum of all fears demo and it doesn't work. Tried a few other things..like demos still doesn't work. This is really getting annoying. Btw, I think it's install shield wizard thing that doesn't work or whatever. any suggestions?
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    hehe.. any suggestions at all?
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    post this in the xp applications forum next time, because this doesnt relate to front page news.

    in regards to your problem, i've encountered similar things but not in xp. what are you trying to install?

    maybe you have a bad copy,
    maybe your system is hanging the process?
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    LOL this is the applications forum :p
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    Hmm.. I found this interesting article at


    Pretty much what it tells me that it is my system and that any install shield wizard whether I'm trying to install GTAIII or just Ghost Recon won't work. Okay let me ask you all this then, I was messing around with the page file and it's listed in the knowledge. Can anyone tell me what's your page file set to because mines' set to 1024 on my c drive. I have 3 partions and they are C: D: and G:.
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    Maybe the topic was moved by a moderator before you replied ;)
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    it was originally in the front page forum
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    Don't you mean........ after? :rolleyes:
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    Your page file needs to be no where that big unless you have 512meg of RAM.

    Your pagefile technically is only meant to be double the amount of RAM that your system has so for example, a system with 128meg of RAM only needs a page file sized 256meg.

    Also, check the processes window for 2 copies of "setup" running. That sometimes happens and causes it to hang and also how long have you left it because sometimes when i'v installed applications before it hangs on 99% for about 5 minuets before actually continuing.