has anyone use shell32.dll b4?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Razorwing, Feb 26, 2003.

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    like use it to reaplace ur old one to get new icons and stuff.. Can u guyz tell me how to do it? A friend of mine said that it could be very dangerous... and he did it.. lol.. I'm still not certain.... can any body help? Its the Snow E shell for Xp.. http://www.hardwaregeeks.com/download.php?op=MostPopular.. plz can anybody help? I dunno how to do it..
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    comeon guyz.. help me out..
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    .....startup in safemode...go to the shell32.dll and rename it shell32.old and then place the new shell32.dll into that directory. but that is for XP SP1...so be sure you are running that version of Windows...and remember to rename the shell32_SP1.dll to shell32.dll
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    you don't need to be in safemode....go to C:\Windows\system32\dllcache in there you will find a file called shell32.dll...this is a back up copy for windows. rename it to shell32.dll.bak now go up one level to C:\Windows\system32. there you will find another file called shell32.dll. rename it to shell32.dll.bak. now, cut/copy and paste your new shell32.dll into that same folder. you will see a windows warning popup a couple of seconds later. click cancel and then click ok. reboot.

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    safemode is always the safest to use..when dealing with XP dll files...not like 98...its no different than replacing the UXTheme.dll....you cant do right without going into safe mode.....