Hardware Release Dates?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by psx2000, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. psx2000

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    Any sites list release dates on new hardware?

    Like I am curious when we will actually see the XP 2600 in stores and the PENTIUM 3ghz.
  2. chastity

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    Well most of the sites I've seen almost never list a release date. The best bet is to start looking around at places that sell the stuff and they might have a release date otherwise wait until you see a press release or something saying that whatever is now out
  3. XP Abuser

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    wats xp 2600 have i missed something
  4. jumpy

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    amd athlon XP 2600
  5. XP Abuser

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    right silly me
  6. oDin

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    the AMD 2600xp is already out. do you mean the 2800xp? the 2800xp is supposed to be avaliable in jan 2003, and the 2700xp is being released in november or december, i think. here is a link to a site that has the 2600xp for sale.