Hardware problem or Windows Update?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Landrvr, Mar 21, 2003.

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    Hey everyone,

    I hope I'm putting this in the correct place. Very odd question... well at least nothing that I've come across yet. Normally my computer is on 24/7, however I took the time this afternoon to get the most recent supposed "critical updates" from windows updated. I'm running XP Pro and rebooted the computer for the updates to take effect. I haven't had any problems w/ this computer in a good little while and just finished a clean install about a month ago.

    Upon restarting the computer it POST's and then jumps the "verifying DMI pool" (screen before the XP logo normally would appear). Instead of moving on and booting XP it decides that for some reason it just wants to reboot! :confused: It goes into a perpetual rebooting cycle for as long as you like to let it.

    I've tried restoring the default BIOS settings (I've also cleared it w/ the jumper on the mobo.) thinking that somehow it was affected. No effect there. I've tried starting it in safe mode to undo the changes w/ a system restore, but it when you select start in safe mode (or anything else for that matter) it reboots again. Is there anyway to run a system restore from the XP installation CD? I can boot up w/ boot discs, and I tried to reimage my C: partition w/ a ghost image from last week, but weird again Ghost doesn't want to let me touch the C: partition (it greys it out).

    I'm running an AMD XP 1900+ w/ a Soyo Dragon Plus+. Anyone encounter anything like this before? :confused:

    Thanks much! :cool:
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    Well something on the disk got fuxx0red that's for sure. You can do a Rapair installation from the XP CD. Insert it, choose to install, select the Windows installation in the list (normally just one) and press R to repair. That should (hopefully) do it.