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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Yngwie_II, Jan 31, 2003.

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    Hey guys
    First of all, sorry about my previous post about the win xp prof cd key.
    It won't happen again, i didn't know it wasn't allowed.
    Anyway, i have quite a few questions and i hope you guys can answer
    all or most of them. Here goes

    First, I would like to ask about ram. I'm choosing between two types
    but can't quite figure out what to do. On the site, www.ocsystem.com
    they hare 2 types of ram, first one is 2100 ddr 512mb for 123 dollars.
    And the second is ddr 400 3200 512mb for 117 dollars. Why is this so?
    the only differences i see, is that the 2100 has 5222 timings, and the
    ddr 400 has 3622 timings, and the ddr 400 even comes with a copper
    heat spreader already. So i'd like to know, would it be wise to buy the ddr 400 and then buy a barton 3200 that runs at 400 later on? I'm running an nforce 2 asus a7n8x, so i would use dual channel.

    Second, i'd like to ask what i should put in my asus board bios settings.
    Things like ram sync and voltages and such.

    Third, should i get a volcano 11? i'm running a volcano 7+ but if i put my athlon 1800 at normal 133mhz, then it will run at 68 degrees. I did put the highest setting in my volcano, so now i'm running at 1144 mhz, with 100mhz, and put the voltage down and the ram voltage to 2.6 instead of 2.8, and i run at 45-50 degrees.

    Fourth, my speakers, the 6.1 creative inspire, sometimes make a weird sound every so often when there is no music playing, it's like a nasty sound. I"m running an audigy 2 and i can't figure out what the problem is.

    Fifth, is the viewsonic p95f+ the best 19 crt?

    Sixth, should i upgrade my dual optical to a mx500, is it worth it?

    Seventh, what's the best dvd drive? cuz my asus 16x is screwing up, it takes really long to load a disc, and makes noise too.

    Eighth, can i use asus update to update my bios? cuz in the manuals it always says to do it through dos, but this program just lets me do it in windows, is it just as safe? whats the difference?

    Ninth, is the difference between 48x asus, and 52x asus big?

    ok i think thats about it, i know it's really long, but these have been things i wanted to know a long time, it would be great if anyone could tell me.


    Yngwie II
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    I'll take a stab at some of these :)

    2) For BIOS tweaking, check out this guide: http://www.techspot.com/tweaks/bios/

    5) I don't think that ViewSonic is the best brand out there. Judging monitors can be somewhat subjective, at least when it comes to image quality, but in my experience the best monitors are made by Sony and Hitachi. That's not to say that ViewSonic doesn't make good monitors, but you asked about the best. :)

    9) The difference between a 48x and a 52x drive is minimal at best. CD's are read from the inside out. A 48x or 52x drive only really hits that speed along the outside edge of a disc. Combine that with the layout of the data on the disc and the laser doesn't spend much time on the outside tracks.

    I'm sure someone else can help with your other questions. Good luck!
  3. Goatman

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    1: get the DDR 400 if on going to a Barton

    3: the temps seem high, the 7+ should be more than enough, I'm using a 7 on a 2000+ and it 50 at load, 40 idle, try applying some high quality heat transfer compound like Arctic Silver 3

    4: Make sure your line in is muted

    5: I've always prefered Trinitron monitors

    6: nah, if the mouse you have works for what u use, I'd keep it

    7: Look at a LG for a cheap drive, and a Sony or Samsung for a good quality drive

    8: I do

    9: if u already have the 48X drive then I wouldn't upgrade, if you are buying a new one, then why not get a 52X drive
  4. OTE

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    he wasnt asking to marry you :p :D
  5. Yngwie_II

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    Ok thank for all the replies guys,
    I'm going for the ddr 400, 1gig of it hehe.
    Please check out the specs of that viewsonic p95f+ though,
    to me they seem quite nice.
    Ok i'll stick with this mouse, and cdrw drive, and i think i can
    live with this dvd drive too, it's weird cuz i mean, this dvd
    drive has a buffer of 512kb, and ata 100, which not a lot
    of drives have. It's just loud, and takes long to spin up.

    Ok laterzz