Hardware configuration change.. ideas?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mlakrid, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. mlakrid

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    Ok guys, the time has come for me to actually use the parts and pieces I have bought and had lying around to upgrade my system.

    Here is what I have to install:
    1) Thermal paste (Getting some tonight)
    2) Another 30G Raptor (going to put it in AID0 for performance)
    3) 160G Maxtor HD for storage
    4) 2x 120mm Thermaltake fans (optional as I already have 3 120mm fans, may replace two noisy ones)

    I am in the process of moving files which I may need to my wifes computer, and I plan to format and re-install XP.

    Here is what I need help with:
    What potential problems will I run into? Especially in setting up the RAID0
    Ways to avoid potential problems BEFORE they arise.. etc...

    My current system specs:

    ASUS P4B 800E - DELUXE mother board
    Pentium 3.2 Prescott
    2GB memory: TWINX Corsair matched Set
    BFG 6800GT video card

    I will also throw in a wrench: I have a tigerdirect giftcard for $100 which I have not spent yet, and can be used for upgrade of components if you think it could make a difference prior to a complete system overhaul.

    I am a gamer, but I do not have any games which tax my system to its fullest yet. FEAR ran the slowest, but I would lower one or two settings and it would run flawlessly.

    SO.. Ideas thoughts... concerns?

    Thanks for any and all input....

    Mike A!
  2. ray_gillespie

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    I wouldn't do that if I were you - the last thing you need is to throw a spanner in the works! :laugh:
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  3. kcnychief

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    I don't see any potential problems with your current configuration and what you want to add. Also don't know of any ways to prevent problems from arising other than the normal using caution, being sure you are grounded, etc.

    Of course, we can always help if problems do arise :)

    Good luck Mike, may the force be with you.
  4. mlakrid

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    Yea I know I "shouldn't" have problems... its not the hardware portion Im worried about, its the drivers :cry:

    I was hoping for helpfrom someone who has my Mobo to give me inside info on what problems they had... SPECIFICALLY I read alot about people having issues with the SATA Raid controller... (Promise I believe is the name)


    Bueller... bueller..?

    As always... Reps + to all information provided!

    Mike A!
  5. LeeJend

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    Make sure you have the RAID drivers on floppy or on a slipstreamed CD if the system has no floppy drive. Some people have had problems getting the RAID going without floppy's with driver.

    Make sure the 2 RAID drives are identical size, speed, brand. Theoretically it works with different drives but why risk it.

    Other than that you are set.
  6. ShepsCrook

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    The raid0 Raptors will be nice. But I'm not sure it's worth going with another 36GB raptor. I'd almost look into going with 1 raptor 74GB with 16mb cache. Those are pretty nice to use.