Harddrive Crash???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Son-Of-Liberty, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. Ok I have a apple G4 80 Gig server that held alot of info and i unpluged the backup power unit after shuting down the computer. And when i restarted it everything was gone. It was not showing the harddrive at all. I dont understand why this happen. My best idea in what happen is that when i unpluged the back up power unit it surged it and sum what erased something important causing it to not be able to read the harddrive. :confused: .

    If anyone can offer any help it would be helpful!!:D

  2. DAZZ

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    hmmm...not sure

    i dont ahave a mac :D

    open the copmuter, and see if the HDD is attatched to the computer even at all
  3. sparky

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    not too sure about macs ,can you reinstall,in device manager, that might bring it back,can you boot the mac, obviously if you can then the drive is still active possibly the icon is gone,do macs have a system restore???????????:D
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    Not sure about Mac, but your BIOS detect that harddrive?
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    This is why power switches exist.