Hard Drive Fail.....

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by neo090282, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. neo090282

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    I have a 40gig Maxtor hard drive and it seems to have failed.

    When the drive is plugged in it doesn't sound like it is spinning, but the green light on the back come on for a bout 2-3seconds.

    Is this the worst and is it completely knackered?

    Is there anyway of salvaging the data off?

  2. kreation

    kreation OSNN Junior Addict

    Check out my post entitled "Primary Master Hard Drive fail"

    It may be of some help.
  3. ThePman

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    Sounds like your drive has the exact opposite problem that kreation's had. Generally, you should be able to detect some noise as it spins-up. If you can't, it's probably the drive motor or other mechanical failure. This would be MUCH more difficult to extract data from(would require a clean room for you to dissasemble the drive in for starters). Probably fubar'd, sorry to say...assuming you've done the obvious(checked jumpers, cables...etc).
  4. Zedric

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    If the drive isn't spinning, the data ain't goin' nowhere. :(
  5. Admiral Michael

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    Have u tried turing on the comp with the IDe cable unplugged. If its the computer it wont start spinning if theres something wrong.
  6. BonyTony

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    Just found this in my docs (i collect all sorts) may be of some use its called "200ways to revive a hard drive" and its attached.:confused: