Hard drive cloning

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by rikybob, Dec 14, 2001.

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    OK........short of it is.........I waited in line at Best Buy at 0400am the day after thanxgiving....i scored TWO new 60 gig h/d's.........i was JAZZED!.......I planned to clone my existing h/d so as to not go thru the pure hell associated with reformating my new XP..............so's I used Norton ghost which promptly allowed me to clone said drive to new humongo 60 gig drive........then rebooted......and it "hung" on the welcome screen.......further research from Norton indicated they are "partners" with MS read: Norton will have no part in unauthorized use of MS XP......heck......all I wanna do is save me a HUGE headach..........there has to be a better way to clone........mebbe by someone who is NOT a partner with MS?? TIA!!!!!!! rikybob

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    might give PowerQuest's Disk Image a shot. Might end up with the same thing though, i couldn't tell you. If you go that route, you'll also need a copy of Partition magic to rescue all that hard drive space back because disk image will make it as big as the old one.

    This is the first I heard that about Norton, that goes on my "bizzare" list.
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    I got 2 words for you. GHOST IT! Norton Ghost is awesome and is commonly used at the corporate level to take an image of the HDD and burn it to a CD where it can be re-imaged onto the disk whenever desired. Check <a href=www.norton.com>Norton</a> for more details
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    Uh, Highwind, he did use Ghost. I'm not sure what the problem might be though. You could try making a raw copy of the OS instead of formatted (which I think is default.) I have 2 Ghost images sitting on my second hard drive right now. One is my perfect Windows 2000 setup, the other is a good Windows XP setup. Both work just fine, so I know Ghost can do what you want, I just don't know why it's not working. Maybe you could try some of the settings like copy boot track and stuff, but I've never used them, so not really sure how it works. Another idea would be to install XP on the new hard drive (pain in the ass, I know) then Ghost right over that when it's done. That might set up the drive to boot properly with your imaged drive. That's all the ideas I have right now, good luck, and I wish I had 2 60 GB drives. Got one 13 and one 30.
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    Have you considered getting a RAID card. While the cheap IDE RAID cards aren't the best performers in the grand scheme of things, they are realatively cheap to add in ($100 range locally). IMO that would be better than Norton Ghost.
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    Hard drive cloning.............

    Thanx to all that replied to my post.......I am intrigued by Highwinds comments........I am using Norton Ghost 2002 ( The MS/Norton approved version, prolly has a defeat mechinism in it). Mebbe I need a slightly older version?? What version are you guys using???? R/B
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    Symantec Ghost Corporate 7.0
    I should note that I imaged the drive and put that image file on another drive for storage. When I used the image, I put it back on the original drive. It shouldn't matter that you're trying to put the image on a different drive, but it might.
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    Re: Hard drive cloning.............

    Just a quickie - XP pro or Home ??

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    xp cloning

    kylie..........it is xp pro.rb