hard drive and dvd+rw drive issues - need help

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    sorry this will be long. i have wound up where no analyst wants to be: too many variables so i need help.

    i have a dell latitude cpxh, 500mhz. i purchased it in 2000 used from a corp. it came with a 12gb hdd. because of issues i was having, sunday i installed a 60gb hdd (new hard drive, more space).

    everything went smoothly. fresh install of w2k pro, then installed backup to get office and other applications using norton ghost 9.0. (all non-program files are kept on an extra hard drive module.)

    now even though i show that i have @48gb free space on the c: if i try to copy a 4.3gb from the g: to the c: i get an error that i don't have enough disk space. from what i have read, that is because the c: is fat32 and that doesn't support files larger than 4gb. if this is true, the solution i saw posted was:

    To convert:

    Start * Run * cmd
    Press enter.
    convert c: /fs:ntfs
    Press enter.
    Answer yes. Answer yes. Reboot. Get a cup of coffee. Make that two.

    You'll have NTFS now.

    if i do this, will i then need to reformat the drive and reinstall windows? will i need to do anything else?

    second part of the problem. when i try to move the 4.3gb backup file to a dvd (dvd+rw nec nd6650a) i get an error after @5 mins that the disk in the drive is protected and i need to unprotect it or use a different disk. now my new coaster shows free space of 7tb. no that is not a misprint, it is TB. what the heck is a "tb"? technical byte?

    any idea why this is happening? it has happened a couple of times now in the last month or so when i have tried to copy/move large amounts of data. say over 500mb.

    third and final (i hope). it appears from what i have read that it may not have been my hard drive at all that started all of this. i had installed roxio easy media creator 7.5 several months ago when i installed the dvd rw drive. because i was unhappy with emc, i tried to uninstall it. that is when my problems started now that i look back on it. lots of "blue screen of death" episodes. while researching why i couldn't copy the 4gb+ backup file to the disk, i came across the exact same blue screen i was getting in a discussion on issues with roxio emc 7.5. i read lots of nasty user reviews on this software. all of the same issues i was having now. wish i had seen it before i bought it, but what would be a better application to use? if i uninstall it completely, i can't use my dvd rw drive.

    at this point i am so tired and so confused, and i need help.

    while i would like the answer about the fat32 to ntfs, i think i am more concerned at the moment about why i can't copy this file to the dvd.
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    thank you for your reply and offer of further help. i am checking out the links you provided, i need to take it slow now because i am so tired. :dead:

    i have been working on this for a while...

    no more flinging the dvd's across the room, i promise. lol