happy new one! except this little problem....

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by thebandit, Jan 8, 2004.

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    i'm running xp windows.. on a fairly new machine (6 months old)

    the problem is this when i open up controlpanel and then user accounts i get a code error

    " microsoft HTML application host has encountered a problem and needs to close....."

    " error signature "
    appname: mshta.exe appver: 6.0.2600.0 modname: mshtml.dll
    modver: 6.0.2800.1276 offset: 000a72cb

    included in the error report " wera9.tmp.dir00\appcompat.txt" in my docs

    basically its a new problem... 3 days. there are a few uebeaut fix its out there for it
    but they haven't seemed to work.... htastop didn't work.. the other info is that other users are finding the same problem with opening 'add and remove' in control prob doing the same...
    i've got sp1 installed and most of the window updates that i found of any use.
    if some one has the same problem or a fix please let me know. any info on a fix would be great. especially if it works!!!! i'm not to worried about it everything else works fine and i just hope it doesn't get into anything else! thanks again for any news or real fixes.